meetinginthemargins-cover       Sharing thoughts – from the profound to the profane – this, as I understand it, is the purpose of a blog. Blogs are shared with friends and interested others. Writing and posting a blog takes less time than inviting and scheduling twenty individuals for a cuppa at a local coffee shop, and less effort than writing twenty different emails or paper letters (yes, I do still send those sometimes, as do two of my grandchildren, bless ‘em). Blogs may be the lazy person’s best way of reaching out and touching lots of someones.

This week the contents of my brain, from which my blogs emerge, are almost all centered around my book launch party coming up in just three weeks. On October 13, Meeting in the Margins: An Invitation to Encounter Society’s Invisible People will be presented in public! I will then be not just a writer, but an AUTHOR!

And in my brain the wonderings are whirling: will the books be shipped in time for the launch (the publisher has assured me they will). Did I remember to ask enough friends to bake cookies for the party refreshments? What kind of pens should I use to sign the books? Can I make myself heard without a sound system? What should I wear – does an author dress differently than a writer?

Even more important, how shall I organize my presentation? I can’t just read from the book the whole time, so how do I pace the readings and balance them with speaking off-the-cuff, and balance both of those with time for Q&A? I feel a little like the Flight Director counting down for a launch at NASA. (Sorry, I mean no offense to real Flight Directors!)

The only thing I know for sure is that all my questions will have been answered by the BIG DAY and the BIG EVENT.

For those of you in the Seattle, Whidbey Island area, the time and place are:

OCTOBER 13, AT 6:30PM, AT ENSO HOUSE, 6339 WAHL ROAD, FREELAND. If you need driving directions, you’ll find them at

I’ll also be offering book readings at the wonderful Freeland Library, on November 9 at 1:00PM and November 10 at 6:30PM.

And for those of you who live farther afield, I’d love to do a book reading in your area, especially if you have an independent bookstore near you that would like an opportunity to sell the books at the reading – I’m happy to share the joy (and the selling-price) of getting this book out into the world. Let me know if you think of a place that would like to have me present my book – I’ll be putting together a mini-tour after the first of the year, and will base my itinerary around suggestions from friends about their favorite bookstores or workshop spaces. I’d also be delighted to give presentations at churches, discussion groups, book clubs, schools.

There. That’s what’s whirling around in my brain this week, so that’s the content of this month’s blog. And there is yet one other wondering: now that I’ve become an author (and, God help me, a book marketer), how long will it be before I can return to being just a writer again? Just a poet? That’s the occupation I love the most. And I guess that will have to wait for a while, until the dust of the book launch settles, like rocket exhaust eventually does.


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  1. Kay Trenshaw
    Kay Trenshaw says:

    YEAH! I am so very proud of you and happy for you. Enjoy your Book Birthday, it has been a labor of Love!
    Lots of Love & Big Hugs!

  2. PaulBen McElwain
    PaulBen McElwain says:

    Congratulations! Maybe Jeanie and I can help set up a stop at Bloomington, the “Ashville” of Indiana, on the way to or from the real North Carolina. It could be our parting gift to Indiana on the way back to Whidbey. I’m so excited to see your impending release.

  3. Sarah MacDougall
    Sarah MacDougall says:

    Cynthia! Your book is winging its way to me and I am eagerly looking forward to reading it. Huge congratulations on its publication and I know you will just be your down to earth, wise woman self at your book readings!

    • Cynthia Trenshaw
      Cynthia Trenshaw says:

      See, that’s one of my worries – sometimes that “down to earth, wise woman self” comes on a little strong, especially when honoring the people of the margins. But I don’t really know how to be anyone other than me, so that’s who will be presenting at the book launch!

  4. Cynthia Trowbridge
    Cynthia Trowbridge says:

    Having heard portions of this work in other iterations, I can hardly wait to hear your voice at the official launch.

    Just let me know how many cookies you want.

  5. Beverly Weinmann
    Beverly Weinmann says:

    To my new friend, I am looking forward to reading your book, attending your book launch and sharing your experience and success with my daughter Jennifer Bisbing, who is in the publishing process of her own book! Can’t wait to have tea again-when are you free to come over?

    Fondly, Beverly

  6. Ruth
    Ruth says:

    Malaprops in Asheville is one of the BEST independent bookstores in the Southeast and there are really fine and numerous programs who would support your coming. And as a bonus, I would get to see you. Let’s work on it. As soon as I get into my house around Thanksgiving, there will be time for these arrangements. Put me on your list……Love

    • Cynthia Trenshaw
      Cynthia Trenshaw says:

      You bet! I’m looking forward to coming to North Carolina. (Do you think I’ll need a passport to cross the state line?)
      Congratulations on your new home.

  7. Chris belding
    Chris belding says:

    Congratulations, dear friend, now author! You have toiled a long time to see this finally come about. I am waiting for my copy from – they recently notified me that it is available. You know I will share about the book with others and already have, just today. I so admire your dedication to your gift of writing. Much love to you!

    • Cynthia Trenshaw
      Cynthia Trenshaw says:

      Thanks for your support over all these years. You are a part of this book, literally – as part of two vignettes – and figuratively, for your holding my enthusiasms as well as my whinges, for all these years.

  8. Mike Trenshaw
    Mike Trenshaw says:

    Congratulations to you. I couldn’t be more proud! And by the way, I love the picture of you!

    As for the writing…I dare say it will NEVER stop. Even while you are in the middle of all this ‘author stuff’ I can see you whipping out your little notepad midstream to jot a thought to yourself about some sort of subject or a catch phrase.

    Let’s hope your brain never stops “Whirling”!!!

    Love and Hugs!

    • Cynthia Trenshaw
      Cynthia Trenshaw says:

      Be careful what you wish for, my dear son – a mother with a “whirling” brain can be a dangerous thing!

      Thanks for your pride in me – it’s mutual, you know.


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