Four years ago when I first began this blog column, it was with reluctance, and solely for the purpose of promoting my not-yet published book, Meeting in the Margins: An Invitation to Encounter Society’s Invisible People. It was one of those things, like ”having a Facebook presence” and hiring a publicist, that folks in the field said I had to do in order to successfully market my upcoming book.

So I began a Facebook page – which I’ve mostly ignored ever since. I hired a professional publicist, an expensive exercise in futility. And I made a commitment to myself that I would write and post one essay each month, for the purpose of marketing my book.


Even though it amazes me how fast the end of each month seems to approach, I have kept that promise. I’ve found that I really enjoy having a forum on which to air some thoughts, and how I enjoy having readers who respond to those ideas. Most of my posts have NOT been about my book, per se, but about the wide variety of margins that are part of our culture.


However, this month, in my 57th blog post, I need to crow again about Meeting in the Margins. The book just won a gold medal in the Independent Publisher Book Awards – the “IPPY.” My award is in the Social Issues/Humanitarian category, and it’s very satisfying to have the book nationally recognized in this way. The IPPY comes with no monetary reward, but I do receive a certificate and a “gold” medal on a neck ribbon. PLUS, I get to affix gold medallion stickers to every cover of the book from now on!


That’s pretty much all I had to say this month. Except perhaps to invite you to stop by for a cup of tea, and I’ll let you take a turn at polishing my gold medal!

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  1. Joal Bydalek
    Joal Bydalek says:

    Congratulations! A gold medal is quite an impressive award for anyone . Your work is always wonderful and deserves recognition! I am privileged to know you and to have been there at the beginning of your full fledged leap into professional book writing.. Thank you for enriching all of our lives with your writings.

  2. Karen Samuelson
    Karen Samuelson says:

    I am thrilled to hear about this medal and not a bit surprised!
    Your book is deep and impactful and deserves this level of recognition!
    I love that your great perseverance with this project is finally being met with such acknowledgement and appreciation!

  3. christina b
    christina b says:

    Well, this is like the Academy Awards–so many friends checking in! Thank you for the tea and conversation yesterday while you were modestly riding the crest of your success. Hugs, cb

  4. Shirley Jallad
    Shirley Jallad says:

    Congratulations! You have always been a great writer and a caring person. You deserve the best of everything!

  5. Starr Rohrman
    Starr Rohrman says:

    Wow! That’s great recognition. But oh poo, no money! Someone once said that money isn’t everything, but it is way out ahead of whatever is in second place. And Bob Mullin once said “Money is the root of all good times”. And at our age it is comforting to say the least. Still, to be recognized by your peers, is an honor and a hug well deserved. Applause, Applause! ox Starr

  6. Corrine Bayley
    Corrine Bayley says:

    My life is complete! I have a friend who’s won a gold medal. Surely this calls for more than a cup of tea. Congratulations on an award very, very well deserved.

  7. MJ
    MJ says:

    Dear Cynthia,
    You’ve earned every speck of gold in that medallion – with each experience you had and every telling of it that has made your book a winner and much more. Love…

  8. Beverly Mills
    Beverly Mills says:

    Congratulations Cynthia,
    It is a wonderful book, it should have been awarded a medal! I learned a lot about myself and those living in the margins. I was very pleased to say I knew you when we read it as a group at church. I’m such a name dropper lol! Great job Cynthia, love from Michigan.

  9. Barbara Joy Laffey
    Barbara Joy Laffey says:

    Congratulations Cynthia! Well deserved! So happy you’ve received this recognition for your wonderful writing!!

  10. Sarah MacDougall
    Sarah MacDougall says:

    Your exquisite sense of humor rises again, Cynthia! Congratulations on the gold medal award. Well deserved!!

  11. Jarrett DeWyse
    Jarrett DeWyse says:

    Congratulations 🎊🎈🍾 on your award… a much deserved one I might add!!💓❣️👏. I loved the read!


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