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My Jury Duty Summons directed me to call the jury information message line after 5:30PM on Monday, April 15, to see if there was a trial scheduled for that week. But when I called the number at 5:45, the recorded message was for potential jurors scheduled to call in on April 8. I figured the […]

Walkin’ It Back

A new phrase has cropped up in journalism. More and more often, in just the last six months or so, I’m seeing the phrase to “walk back,” referring to a comment or opinion. Have you noticed it? This or that politician makes a statement that they may not have thought through carefully; or it’s an […]

Asking for a Favor

Mortal Beings, a new collection of my poetry, is being published this May by Finishing Line Press of Georgetown, KY.  Not surprisingly, the favor I’d like to ask is that you purchase a copy or two. And the favor is even more than that – I’m asking that you PRE-purchase copies before March 15, and here’s why: […]

Middle Name

It’s Christmas Time, late December, when capitalists celebrate Consumerism, Pagans celebrate Winter Solstice, and Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus. During Christmas Time I sometimes remember the day I was out shopping with my three small children in tow. They overheard another shopper swear, “Jesus H. Christ!”, and one of the kids asked me, in […]

Blessings Books

[photo by Comfreak] Many Octobers ago, I said to myself, “This is as good a time as any.” I pulled out a 5×8 blank book that was stashed among my office supplies, and began “My Book of Blessings.” The first blessing I wrote was “For Christina’s suggestion that I record a daily blessing, Thank You.” […]

When a Friend Dies

OVER MY LIFETIME I’ve had many opportunities to learn about grief. I’ve lost a lot of close family members: one brother, four grandparents, one son, two uncles, two parents and a mother-in-law, one husband. When a family member dies, there are all those departure-from-life tasks to be attended to, most immediately the care and disposal of […]

Take Care

On her way out my front door my friend turned back and said, “Take care.” I use that phrase all the time. Sometimes it is a caution, meaning be careful, drive safely, don’t do anything foolish. Sometimes it is a wish, may things go well for you. Sometimes it means be good to yourself. Often […]

Why Memories?

I have been sorting through memorabilia. Again. Still. Five generations worth of photos, newspaper clippings, report cards, dance cards, grade school art, certificates, ticket stubs, merit badge cards . . . you know – memorabilia. This week I found a large black-and-white photo of my brother, Jay, tall and handsome. He looks to be about […]

On Solo Retreats and Opercula

It seems that my May blog post on “stillness, silence, and solitude” struck a vibrant chord with readers. I’ve heard from several folks yearning to “go on retreat,” but then wondering how one prepares to “do” a retreat? One SOS email came from a woman wanting to bail out of a retreat that ended up […]