Mortal Beings, a new collection of my poetry, is being published this May by Finishing Line Press of Georgetown, KY. 

Not surprisingly, the favor I’d like to ask is that you purchase a copy or two. And the favor is even more than that – I’m asking that you PRE-purchase copies before March 15, and here’s why:

It used to be that when an author’s manuscript was accepted, the publisher took over everything from that point on – all editing, interior design, title, cover design, press-run decisions, promotion, marketing, and probably a few things more that I’m forgetting now.

Those were, perhaps, the good old days. That system was far easier for the author who had less responsibility for the finished product. It was also more frustrating for the author, who had little further to say about the processes that created the book.

Now, especially with the smaller presses that currently publish poetry, the author is much more engaged in creating the book. For Mortal BeingsI got to choose the book title, the cover illustration (a wonderful abstract photo by my friend Corrine Bayley), the organization of the poems.

I’m also asked to participate in the promotion for the book, and here’s the benefit of your favor to me: The more books you and your friends buy during the two months of pre-sale, the more benefits the author (that’s ME) gets from the publisher – more author’s copies, more review copies, more promotional efforts by the publisher, more submissions for awards and recognitions.

If we can tally up 155 pre-publication sales of the book before March 15, I will be well-compensated and very pleased. And my poems will move further afield, making their way into the hands of those who appreciate moving, well-told stories.

Please link with  and click on either “Preorder Forthcoming Titles” or “Bookstore,” then input either Cynthia Trenshaw or  Mortal Beings  in the search box. Mortal Beings  costs $14.99. If you have friends or family who would be interested, please forward this blog post to them as well.

THANK YOU for considering a preorder of Mortal Beings. And thank you for tolerating this month’s totally self-serving blog post.

Other recent publishing news for me:

Five of my poems are in the January 2019 issue of the gorgeous online literary journal called “Peacock Journal.” They are at:

And the Winter 2018 Issue of “Redheaded Stepchild” magazine carries my poem entitled “Prism.” It can be found at:

This is an important time for me in my writing career, and I’m grateful to you for your enthusiastic support. Please let me know if there is a way I can reciprocate in the days ahead.

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  1. Susanne Fest
    Susanne Fest says:

    Ooops- I just saw this. I just posted your narrative to your FB page, and maybe, if you’d like to exchange the old picture for a new one I can do that, too.

    Congratulations ! This is fabulous !

    • Cynthia Trenshaw
      Cynthia Trenshaw says:

      That would be great.

      Eight days to go until the March 15 deadline for pre-sales. I just need about 20 more pre-sales to reach my goal.

  2. Alison Heins
    Alison Heins says:

    This is so exciting! I passed the post on to several friends and have ordered 3 copies. Can’t wait to get them (and by then it will be spring!) Thanks for including links to some of your already published poems.

    • Cynthia Trenshaw
      Cynthia Trenshaw says:

      Thanks SO much, Alison – what a great marketing team I have! I’ll be letting folks know as we approach the 155 pre-sales mark.

      Here’s to spring and poetry! Maybe I’ll come to Michigan to do some readings after the book is published – good excuse to buy a plane ticket and come see dear friends and family.

  3. Marian
    Marian says:

    Awesome! Congratulations! This is well-deserved.
    And a favor from you: PLEASE post on Facebook, so I can share this effectively. You could post it in Whidbey Authors. I can also do a Tweet.

    • Cynthia Trenshaw
      Cynthia Trenshaw says:

      The problem is that I don’t “do” Facebook, nor any other social media besides email and the blog on my website. Please feel free to post my book’s info on your FB page(s), and shout it out technologically from anywhere else you can think of (including from your rooftop). In the meantime, I’m even resorting to good old-fashioned snail mail to get the word out. Thanks, Marian – you had more than a little to do with making this book of poems as good as it is!


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