Did you ever wonder about where our one-hundred billion dollar prison industry had its beginnings, and why it so disproportionally confines people of color?

For starters, look no further than the Thirteenth Amendment to The Constitution of the United States.

Go ahead. Look it up on Google. Read the whole Amendment. I’ll wait here while you read.


Back so soon? Yup, it’s only 2 sentences long.

The Thirteenth Amendment abolishes slavery and involuntary servitude. That is very good thing. But there is an important catch built into it: the 14-word second phrase.

A few days ago I watched a stunning documentary, made in 2016, that I’d never heard of before last week: Thirteenth, written and directed by Ava DuVernay. It focuses on the implications of that 14-word phrase. It can be viewed on Netflix.

This is the sum and substance of my blog post this month: WATCH THIS DOCUMENTARY.

Then I’d love to know what your observations are. One thing we can thank the coronavirus for is giving us the opportunity to ponder really big, unexpected issues. Thanks for considering this one.