New Book: Mortal Beings

What does it mean to be human? What does it mean to be a creature who will die? How best shall we live in the mystery – and the joy – of mortality, of progressing from birth to whatever comes after life?

Meeting in the Margins

Meeting in the Margins is a narrative contemplation on the importance of SEEING and simply BEING WITH the ones whom society would prefer remain invisible: the homeless, the destitute, the aging, the physically and mentally ill, the dying.

Literary Journals

One or two at a time, sometimes more, Cynthia’s poems and essays go out into the world in literary journals. You are invited to follow the links in this section to see which magazines and what they chose to print.

Advocacy, Advance Directives, and Proactive Aging

An ADVOCATE is one who speaks for another whose voice may be less articulate, weaker, more vulnerable, or silent. ADVANCE DIRECTIVES are a way we can inform our advocates, in advance, of our values and our wishes. Circles of Caring can support us in the work of proactive aging. In her retirement, this is Cynthia’s legacy work.

Blog Posts

Once a month Cynthia posts an essay about some thought or experience that has caught her attention. Visit the blog and scroll through to see what ideas pique your interest.

Meet the Author

How did Cynthia become an author; and how on earth did she end up working so deeply in the margins of our culture?

What Are People Saying?

“Prepare to be deeply touched. Prepare to remember what is truly important in our lives.”

“Cynthia Trenshaw has nerves of steel and a heart of gold, and she does a superb job of taking readers along with her as she carefully tends to some of the most overlooked and down-trodden members of our society.”

“[She] leads us to insights and recognitions that make it possible to contemplate a world that works for all.”

“She is a brilliant writer. Simply by telling the truth in stories that she herself has lived, she takes us into touching distance of the poorest, the lowliest, and lost.”

“Readers are always deeply enriched by the clarity of Trenshaw’s visions.”

“Reading Trenshaw’s work takes us to the world between inhale and exhale and changes our mortal lives in magical ways.”

“A mystic for modern times, Cynthia Trenshaw offers us poems, unflinching and tender, that evoke the liminal spaces between life and death, seen and ignored, spoken and unspoken.”

Listen to a Recent Interview

Cynthia was recently interviewed on the Booklovers’ Cafe feature on KPTZ-FM radio. Cris Wilson talks with her about poetry and street-level outreach of a very different style.

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